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“You guys are so human.” Maria Gratzl (Head of HR & Organization) and Michael Hinterwirth (Organizational Development) from LIWEST received this feedback during a recent application. And that’s a good thing. Because especially in times of “war for talent”, the human component is becoming more and more important. 

How LIWEST finds and inspires the brightest minds and what this has to do with teamecho, we reveal to you here.


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Being a magnet in the war for talent

War for Talent and Labor Shortage: These buzzwords express what many companies feel. The right employees are hard to find these days – and even harder to keep in the company.

This requires creative sourcing strategies (also in an international environment), up- and reskilling to prepare the core team for new challenges, and the willingness to continuously work on one’s own corporate culture.

Keep what you promise

The key to a strong employer brand? Authenticity. Because nothing drives new employees away faster than unfulfilled expectations. That’s why LIWEST is clear: We keep our promises!

The company uses teamecho to check whether the “Employee Value Propositions”, i.e. the value promises LIWEST makes to the outside world, are actually being lived. Thanks to short, smart surveys, LIWEST always keeps an eye on how employees currently assess the individual aspects. The trend shows whether the development is going in the right direction.

Specially introduced “Resonance Cafés” complement the work with teamecho. There, LIWEST engages in a direct exchange on cultural development with a group of employees. This allows anonymous tips and trends that come up in teamecho to be discussed directly.

Employees as a ambassadors

With teamecho, LIWEST is constantly aware of trends and inputs and can react to them in a targeted-oriented manner. The employees who use teamecho as a mouthpiece for their concerns also know this.

For example, following the evaluation of mental stress carried out by LIWEST with teamecho, a separate health management system was set up. Health day and resilience journey including coaching offer.

But it doesn’t always have to be the big initiatives. Often it’s little things that are important to people. Charging stations, more bike racks, and organic fruit baskets, for example. This could be read from the anonymous comments in teamecho. LIWEST takes such suggestions to heart and responds promptly. After all, satisfied, committed employees are the best brand ambassadors.

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