Do you want to know how teamecho works?

For a better together in your team

Improving team communication with short, regular surveys and honest comments. This is what we do.

Now even free for your team of up to 15 people!

Decide for yourself & get started

Start our digital mood barometer easily and quickly with 15 members. No cost, no approval needed.

Onboarding made easy.

Our smart digital onboarding gives you the freedom to build your mood barometer when you want.

Scientifically sound

Our questionnaire, which continuously asks the same smart questions, was developed together with JKU and the University of Salzburg. This is available to you in a free team light version.

Making teamecho tangible. With your FreeTeam.

Regularly assess the mood of your team

The smart teamecho algorithm automatically asks you and your team the right questions at the right time. These are scientifically tested and proven in practice. Goodbye one-time annual survey!

Find out what really keeps the team busy

Feedback is something very personal. In addition to the survey, you and your team can also leave comments that provide more insight. All anonymous, of course, in the name of honesty.

Make the right decisions as a leader

The teamecho dashboard gives you an overview of the most important KPIs. This allows you to see first-hand how your internal communication is improving. In addition, teamecho helps you with tips from practice.

Business Partner, Office of the CTO at Dynatrace
With great growth, of course, comes new challenges. We work in an agile environment, where things change so incredibly quickly – and we want to be able to see changes and react to these correspondingly quickly. And that is what teamecho offers.

Our customers

We are proud that our teamecho team is always growing. Here is a small selection of our customers who are already working for a better together:

Improve your team communication today

Hybrid or remote – you're in control.

Always know what’s on your team’s mind. Even in the hybrid office. Your dashboard shows you the most important KPIs and comments. This way, every opinion counts and important issues are addressed in time.

Anonymous, safe and scientifically sound.

Honest feedback needs security. With anonymous comments and helpful teamecho tips, you exchange information digitally at eye level. This way you stay in contact and connected.

Easy start – fast results.

With our mood barometer, you will quickly recognize the advantages of functioning & appreciative communication in the team. Start today.

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