Your mood barometer for a better together

teamecho gives employees a strong voice and managers a basis for decision-making. Together we create a working environment where more is possible.

Just ask

How satisfied, engaged and motivated is your team really? Just ask. Continuously, automatically and anonymously.

Our intelligent survey system automatically asks the right questions at the right time. Scientifically proven and in easy-to-digest portions. Make the invisible visible and know exactly where your priorities should lie.

Just listen

Introverted, extroverted, loud or quiet: teamecho gives everyone a voice. In the dashboard, anonymous comments form a round overall picture.

Don’t let the office grapevine surprise you: teamecho is your control center for internal communication and provides you with ongoing trends and analyses.


Just care

We believe that everyone should enjoy going to work. Let’s build the culture that allows for that together. teamecho shows you where you should take a closer look, gives you concrete suggestions for action and lets you track whether your measures have been effective or not.

Launch the test balloon:
Click through our teamecho demo

Our demo shows you a company that has been working with teamecho for some time. Click through filled dashboards, scroll through comments, and follow digital discussions.


Intelligent survey system

Our smart algorithm automatically asks the right questions at the right time. Always stay up to date and let teamecho provide you with what you need to know.

Comment hub

What does the office grapevine say? teamecho offers space for personal, anonymous comments: This gives shy team members a voice and creates a place to discuss solutions.

Intuitive dashboard

Gut feeling was yesterday: teamecho casts moods in figures so that everyone’s opinions become a round overall picture. Over time, you can track how effective your actions are.

eNPS survey

How loyal are your employees? Calculate your Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) with teamecho. Find out how attractive your company really is with just one question.

Semantic analysis

Individual opinion or hot topic? teamecho analyzes all comments fully automatically and forms thematic clusters. This way you can react immediately to trending topics.


Where’s room for improvement? Where are things going particularly well? See where all your teams and departments are at and find out where action is needed.

We will not leave you alone

From the setup to tricky situations: Our Customer Happiness Managers are there to help and advise you. Our network of partners is also happy to support you if you wish.

Focus question sets

Each team is unique. You want to take a closer look at some topics? Get feedback on individual focal points with our focus question sets.

Ad hoc surveys

Where should the next company outing go? Ask your team for their opinion with a one-time ad hoc survey that you can design yourself.

teamecho profile

Coming soon: Connect? Balance? Discover? Achieve? Identify the culture type of your organization and adapt teamecho perfectly to your needs.

Kannst du es auch schon hören?

Can you hear it already?