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In challenging times, motivated, happy teams are essential. teamecho boosts employee satisfaction and retention, lowers turnover and absenteeism costs, and enhances motivation and productivity. Our solution contributes to a positive corporate culture and elevates your company’s success.

The cost for feedback?
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EUR 0.-

up to 15 people


Organizational Structure

1 team, up to 15 people


Free Features:

  • Basic question set & algorithm
  • Results dashboard
  • Comments

Service & Support



EUR 2.80

per person/month

(min. 1,990/year, incl. 60 people)

Organizational Structure

up to 5 teams, more than 15 people


Everything from Free plus additional features such as:

  • Comprehensive question set
  • Smart survey algorithm

Service & Support



EUR 4.80

per person/month

(min. 3,450/year, incl. 60 people)

Organizational Structure

up to 50 teams + additional hierarchical levels


Everything from Essential plus additional features such as:

  • Ad-hoc surveys
  • User import
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

Service & Support

Email + Phone

Business plus

EUR 6.80

per person/month

(min. 4,900/year, incl. 60 people)

Organizational Structure

Unlimited including matrix organization


Everything from Business plus additional features such as:

  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  • AI Comment Analysis
  • API & SCIM Integration

Service & Support

Personal Contact Person

Volume and duration discounts available. Have more than 500 employees? We’d be happy to provide you with a customized quote.

Features compared

Free Essential Business Business plus
Users who are set up in teamecho
up to 15 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Form individual areas of your organization into teams
1 up to 5 up to 50 unlimited
Multiple hierarchy levels
Map additional hierarchy levels such as departments, areas, or locations
Matrix organization
Map more complex matrix structures with cross-section teams.
Insight Sets
teamecho includes scientifically validated question sets that you can start using immediately.
20 questions 60+ questions 60+ questions 60+ questions
Multilingual Survey
teamecho supports question sets in a variety of languages.
Scientifically based
teamecho supports question sets in a variety of languages.
Survey Planner
The Survey Planner makes setting up and managing your surveys easy.
Adjustable Survey Interval
Choose the ideal survey interval for your organization.
Focus Question Sets
Choose from our diverse focus question sets to delve deeper into specific topics.
optional 1 included 3 included
Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)
Measure your employees' recommendation rate using the ENPS score directly in teamecho
optional optional included
Intelligent Algorithm
Let our smart survey algorithm determine when which question is relevant.
Ad-hoc Survey
In addition to our continuous mood barometer, pose your own questions for specific occasions - e.g., "How is this or that measure being received?" or "Where should the company outing go?".
teamecho Profile
With the teamecho profile, you can tailor the survey logic to your unique corporate culture.
Survey without Email Address
Survey participation is also possible for individuals without an email address using a username and password.
Survey via Link/QR Code
Invite participants directly via a link or QR code to surveys.
Results Dashboard
View all survey results on our intuitive dashboard
View all teams and departments in a clear comparison
Event Marker
Keep important events or measures visible in the form of an event marker
Comment Module
Use our comment module to collect and discuss internal team feedback.
Reactions to Comments
Reactions, like a thumbs up, can indicate agreement with a comment
Comment Hub
The Comment Hub offers deep insights into the textual feedback received and allows for enhanced filtering and sorting as well as individual tags.
How does your organization compare to others? Find out with our benchmark.
AI Comment Analysis
Our artificial intelligence automatically categorizes received textual feedback.
Comment Moderation
Receive an additional approval process for textual feedback to meet compliance requirements, for example
Key Insights Result Interpretation
Our Key Insights automatically summarize all important results in the form of a management summary
Direct Messages
Users can provide feedback not only within the team but also directly to individual supervisors.
Cross-Section Teams
Cross-section teams allow evaluations across team boundaries, e.g., for complex matrix or project organizations
Data Export
You can easily export your data.
User Import
Easily import your employees via our Excel upload.
Single Sign-on (SSO)
teamecho supports Single Sign-on, so your employees only need to log in to one system.
SCIM Integration
Use data directly from your identity management provider in teamecho.
Our API allows for the implementation of custom connections to any desired systems.
Web application
teamecho works on any modern device with a web browser.
iOS App
teamecho functions as an app on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.
Android App
teamecho functions as an app on Android devices from various manufacturers.
User management
Our user management makes adding & managing users a breeze.
Visibility settings
Choose who can see what data in teamecho.
Advanced visibility settings
Configure visibility in teamecho exactly to your specifications. More transparency or less: you decide.

Support & Service

Free Essential Business Business plus
Digital Support Center
In our digital Support Center you will find answers to frequently asked questions and guidance from initial setup to ongoing operations including valuable tips and tricks.
Digital Onboarding Assistant
Our digital onboarding assistant guides you simply and quickly through the initial setup.
teamecho Starter Package
You receive our starter package with all essential information for the start, including checklists, instructions, communication templates, and valuable tips and tricks to ensure teamecho runs smoothly from the beginning.
Email Support
We are always happy to answer your questions via email.
Video Training
Don't want to read for long? Just watch our videos on how to use teamecho.
Priority Email Support
Don't like to wait? With our Priority Email Support, your inquiry will be prioritized.
Phone Support
We are available to answer your questions by phone during our business hours.
Personal Introduction Phase
Our staff will accompany you and ensure that teamecho is optimally implemented in your organization.
Personal Contact
You have a personal contact in our Customer Happiness Team who will support you in all teamecho-related matters.
Personal Onboarding+ Workshop
We accompany the introduction of teamecho in your organization with a tailored workshop at the start.

Add-on: Workshops

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