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The best feedback methods for employees after the pandemic

An actively practiced feedback culture in the team is a must for modern companies. In times of new work and digital communication tools, old routines are being rethought. With the right feedback methods, you increase productivity in the team and your attractiveness as an employer.

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Feedback is not criticism

Feedback is often associated with criticism, but has little to do with it in its actual meaning. This is because the word “feedback” stands for return information or feedback – in other words, it is simply information that is returned to the sender of a message. Thus, feedback is the perfect feedback method to develop in an appreciative way.

Feedback per se thus denotes an information loop that should run constructively and profitably for both sides. It helps to be aware of this – because the association with criticism often triggers (inner) resistance, which lowers motivation for the topic.

Methods for employee feedback

When our working conditions and the way we communicate change, this naturally also influences the company’s feedback culture. New Work goes hand in hand with more self-determination of working time and place and universal communication via a variety of channels. Feedback can work wonders here – it keeps real and virtual teams together, has a lasting impact on the mood and can create a solid basis for working together.

The choice of communication channels is becoming increasingly complex. This makes it all the more important to provide a specific communication channel for feedback and to make clear agreements on this. teamecho is a communication channel that supports everyone in the company in the feedback process. It is used in a clearly defined way for feedback and actively invites action:

Do you know how to use your feedback channel?

Team before ego

Good feedback culture has no room for ego wishes: 

Keep synchronized

As feedback also involves emotions, it is important to react promptly in exchanges

Clear purpose per channel

Every employee should be clear about what a communication channel is used for

When talking about “methods for employee feedback”, one often comes across terms such as 360-degree feedback or the annual employee survey. Each of these feedback types raises questions about regularity, anonymity, and agility. Digital tools in the form of regular surveys now combine all requirements in just one communication channel. So before you decide on a feedback method, be clear about the goals you want to achieve.

90 degree feedback methods

90-degree feedback is the combination of two perspectives: On the one hand, the external assessment of the employee by the manager. The other is self-assessment by the workforce. The result is then composed of these two perspectives. It is therefore not so much a feedback method, but a method of assessment.

360 degree feedback methods

In 360-degree feedback, numerous people from an employee’s work environment are asked to give their assessment. The evaluation of colleagues, customers and cooperation partners creates a more objective picture. However, feedback in the true sense of the word is sought in vain here as well, since the focus is on a one-time process of assessment and evaluation.

Agile feedback methods

Agile feedback methods today work on the basis of digital platforms. There, anonymity can be ensured, which is conducive to an open, honest communication process. Regular surveys and an ongoing exchange have a positive effect on the overall corporate climate.

How do you best use the feedback channel?

How to properly use employee feedback methods in the company?

The basic principles sound plausible, but can also mean a change in implementation:

teamecho combines the requirements of modern methods for employee feedback with scientific know-how. As a digital platform, real-time feedback, identification of issues critical to success, and anonymous sharing become possible.

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