Employer Branding mit teamecho

Coherent employer branding. With teamecho.

What makes your employer branding irresistible? Just ask. Your employees know best what they need.

Stay attractive as an employer

What distinguishes good companies from excellent ones? That’s right: the employees. Many companies therefore spare neither expense nor effort to strengthen their employer branding.

And that’s a good thing. Because in times of “war for talent” and “quiet quitting,” the brightest minds are hard to find – and even harder to keep in the company.

How authentic is your employer branding? Just ask.

Can your company deliver what it promises? Nothing drives new employees away faster than unfulfilled expectations. That’s why it’s so important to really live the image you create.

teamecho helps you check if your employer branding and the actual employee experience align. With our focus question sets and eNPS survey you can dig even deeper.

Turn your team into brand ambassadors

Satisfied employees are your best ambassadors. Because your employer brand only becomes strong if your team stands behind you and carries their enthusiasm to the outside world.

Launch the test balloon:
Click through our teamecho demo

Our demo shows you a company that has been working with teamecho for some time. Click through filled dashboards, scroll through comments, and follow digital discussions.

Management at SZL - Seniorenzentren Linz

teamecho helps us to be perceived as an attractive employer because everyone can actively shape their working environment.

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